Monday, 8 June 2009

Studio Shots

A selection of the final shots of the completed tan. 

Sunday, 17 May 2009

The Show.

Saturday March 28th: Showtime. 

After shaving my arms, legs and chest the night before, I covered myself in moisturiser to prevent any last minute peeling, and we made our way to the gallery. I thought I'd be nervous, but I was more excited about the reaction of the tan and the show in general. After getting ready and making my entrance, the day was a breeze. Apart from the draft when the gallery door opened, the sun was shining so I avoided being cold, and it was great to see people's reactions to the finished article.

(Video to follow)

Pre-exhibition 'nerves.'

The gallery window display.

In the office after getting ready.

and out into the public...

with Toni Arden, gallery owner and wife of the late Paul Arden.

5th and Final Tanning Session

After the rush that was session 4 (stickers on in 20minutes, all hands on deck, 15minutes of tanning, then off to work smelling of after-sun), session 5 was a much more relaxed affair. As Dan was away, I enlisted the help of Messrs Josh Hight and Omar Majeed. Omar was let loose with the video camera whilst Josh, post-sticking, was let loose with my spare tanning bed minutes. This was the last session, the day before the show. Cue the magic.

(video to follow)

Show Hanging Day

2 days before the show opening, we all drove to Petworth to finalise the hanging and prepare the gallery for the big day.

I got my stickers cut and prepared onto a lo-tack backing sheet, again courtesy of the chaps at Sound. With the help of Stevie McGarrity-Alderdice and Alex Chase-White (double double barrel-ness) these were pressed onto the wall of the gallery, with lady luck shining down on us a bit (they fit with about a centimetre to spare in all dimensions.)

With the stickers up and the tan well on its way, we were nearly ready for showtime. 

The audience watch with baited breath as we peeled off the backing...

3rd Tanning Session.

24th March 2009: the 3rd tanning session. Bethan and Dan came along again to sticker me up and capture the event on camera. 15 minutes of UV tanning bed saw me take in a jumper to pop on after 10 minutes to stop my chest and shoulders burning. Looking at the pictures, it was difficult not be be happy with the way things were progressing, especially as the legs began to develop more and catch up with the upper body. 

Video coming soon :)

Thursday, 16 April 2009

2nd Tanning Session

March 17th 2009: The 2nd tanning session was slightly easier because we could see where to put the stickers, thanks to the slight reddening of my skin the day before. The upper body was more sensitive so I decided to take a hoody into the booth with me, to put on halfway through and cover up any bits in danger of burning. 

This session was for 10 minutes.